[New Spell] From One Conflict to Another

From One Conflict to Another

Chalk read the spell from the scroll as the dozen bugbears bearing crossbows appeared. He nodded to the others. Valance blew a kiss to the enraged bugbear chieftain as the humans faded from the area.

Moments later Chalk, Navnen, Valance and Koram appeared, battle ready, into a heated argument between three halflings over a pie. Fists were about to fly.

‘Is this a conflict?’ Koram asked as he sheathed his Crystal Sword.

‘I wouldn’t get in between a trio of halflings fighting over food,’ Navnen answered as he slowly backed away.

The others followed the thief’s move and excited the area, thankful that their gamble paid off.

From One Conflict to Another (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: Special, see below.

Duration: Instantaneous.

A spell of desperation, this spell causes the caster and his or her party to teleport from the current conflict that they are in to the next nearest conflict. This is a gamble as the next situation may not be a better scenario to find oneself in. Due to the nature of the spell the party teleporting into the next fracas has the iniaitive for the first round as everyone in the next conflict will be surprised by the sudden appearance of an adventuring party.

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