[New Magic Item] St Jod’s Shield

St Jod’s Shield

Vinx swung his mace and missed. The ogre missed in return. In desperation the cleric swung his shield and bashed the large humanoid. In the blink of an eye the ogre was suddenly very small. Vinx easily ran the creature down and got in a bash with his mace that stunned and dropped the creature. Another strike dispatched the thing and it became the size of an ogre again. A dead ogre.

‘Was that sporting?’ asked the mercenary Bakra-do as he struck the ogre facing him a deadly blow and the the monster staggered and fell.

‘Sporting or not, the beast is down,’ Vinx replied.

The mercenary nodded sagely in agreement, there was no argumen to that.

Jod the Rebel became St Jod after a series of seemingly miraculous acts, included the reduction in size of a group of marauding Hill Giants to the size of gnomes which obviously turned the tide of battle and saved a small town yet important town from ruin. This enchanted shield was blessed by Jod himself before his mysterious disappearance many decades ago.

Benefit: A doubly enchanted shield that has the power to do the following once per day- upon a successful shield bash attack (which deals 1d6+1 damage) the target either becomes a 2HD creature (even reduced in size from Medium or Large to Small) for 1d4 combat rounds OR the bearer of this shield is invisible to one target, even during combat, for 1d4 melee rounds. No Save is allowed to resist these effects.

Usable by: Fighters and clerics.

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