[New Magic Item] Mask of Baljarus

Mask of Baljarus

With an unusual outcry Stork fell off the ledge into the shrubbery below, failing to navigate the narrow walkway.

Vistis the Blue Mage hissed underneath his heavily lacquered mask as he turned to face the rogue wizard.

Also masked, the spellcaster suddenly grew two more arms as a gem glowed on the forehead of her own mask, then her head tilte to the side, either quizzically or meant to dare the illusionist to make a move.

‘Well, damn,’ Vistis said under his breath.

‘Poison ivy! Stinging nettles!’ Stork cried out from below.

The illusionist mumbled a quick spell that caused darkness to engulf the area as he leapt over the ledge to aid his traveling companion, although not before receiving a slash to the arm from a dagger and a magical jolt that almost knocked him senseless.

As the two adventurers limped off into the dark forest they heard the seemingly insane laughter of the sorceress behind them, up on the ledge of her tower.

Originally given to an armless monk who lost his limbs saving a noble’s daughter, this mask has been duplicated and used by many for a variety of things, often nefarious.

Benefit: When worn and at the wearer’s discretion, he or she may suddenly possess two more arms, regardless of how many they had to begin with. This arms appear just like those the mask’s wearer has (or would have, if missing) yet weapons held in these hands may damage creatures that are Ethereal or Astral and the mask allows one to see the Invisible, by spell, natural ability or by other means. Dexterity is improved by 2 points while these extra arms are in use and two extra attacks (or one extra attack AND cast a spell if a spellcaster) may be made. These arms may be used twice a day for up to two hours at a time.

Usable by: Anyone.

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