[New Spell] Confusion at the Crossroads

Confused at the Crossroads

Elf ranger, gnome illusionist and Fellhorn the druid hurried along the forest trail, trying to escape the ogre behind them. Suddenly the elf stopped as the trail forked.

‘Which way do we go?’ pondered the elf.

‘It doesn’t matter!’ the other two replied.

‘We could go north, that leads towards the hills, or south down into the glen,’ the elf ranger said aloud.

‘IT DOESN”T MATTER!’ urged the druid and illusionist.

The ogre’s enormous feet could be heard thumping up the trail behind them.

With a roar the ogre emerged from behind a tree and grinned, a large, brutal looking club held in both hands.

Thinking fast, the gnome illusionist walked towards the hulking humanoid.

‘Before you pulverize us, could I know if that was an illusionist spell you cast upon the elf? I have always wanted to learn that one if it is the spell I am thinking of,’ he said to the ogre.

The ogre stopped and thought a moment to himself.

‘Do you know the spell Fey Sight? A lot of annoying pixies and brownies in these woods,’ the ogre replied in surprise to everyone.

‘I believe we can strike a deal here,’ the gnome said as he approached the ogre and drew his spellbook from a satchel at his side as the ogre set his club aside and sat down on the forest floor.

Elf and druid looked at each other and shrugged.

Confused at the Crossroads (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 30’+5’/level.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This tricky illusionist spell causes the target, if he or she fails a Save versus spells, to become very indesicive and not know which path to take at ANY juncture. A fork in any path, road, trail, etc, with two possible paths or ten, it does not matter, those affected by this spell will stop dead in their tracks and take 2d4 minutes to come to a conclusion each and every time they encounter more paths, even if there is a sign pointing in the correct direction (although a sign or post indicating the right direction will reduce the time of indecision down to 1d4 minutes). Very frustrating for those in a party not affected in dungeons with many intersections.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Confusion at the Crossroads

  1. Dick says:

    That’s great. Really should use more spellcasting monsters that are willing to stop and negotiate swaps with PCs if approached correctly.

    • bat says:

      My group are great negotiators. We have had several sessions with no combat, but a lot of wheeling and dealing. I make rolls and they play their roles and it works out swimmingly.

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