[New Magic Item] Armor of the Spectral Quartet

Armor of the Spectral Quartet

The helmet flipped back on the huge suit of armor before the adventurers. Four glowing green individuals rose up through the shoulders of the armor.

‘Stand and deliver!’ rasped an eerily glowing wizard with a raised staff.

‘Uncle Shorg?’ Chalk inquired.

The ghostly mage leaned forward, blinking.

‘Chalk my boy!’ exclaimed the ethereal wizard.

‘Another family member!’ exclaimed the ghostly thied next to Chalk’s uncle. ‘We can only used this this for a few hours a day.’

Shorg the wizard furrowed his eyebrows.

‘Yes, you are right,’ he said to the thief.

‘Stand and deliver!’ Shorg said to the adventurers again.

‘Nice family you got there,’ grumbled Valance as he unstrung his coin pouch to hand over.

A broad, ogre-sized suit of plate mail that definitely looks like it was made for a large humanoid, not a squad of adventurers.

Benefit: This very large set of enchanted full plate armor will transform and ‘squish’ up to four individuals within it, these individuals becoming ethereal upon entering the suit. The armor itself has AC 2[17] and functions like a normal suit of armor on the Material Plane. A punch from this armor deals 1d6+1 points of damage or by weapon. Any Attribute checks will be made by the character within with the highest relevant Attribute. Once per day this armor can Planeshift to the Ethereal Plane and protect those within as if the armor was Ethereal when on that plane, functioning somewhat as a modern tank. On either plane the helmet can be flipped back and those within either attack from the shoulders of the armor or leave for up to 15 minutes without becoming flesh and blood again. This armor can be used in this way for four hours per day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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