[New Spell] No Boots Bridge

No Boots Bridge

Koram bumped his head against one of the wooden beams of the bridge.

‘They are still getting away,’ Valance said.

‘What barrier is this?’ Navnen asked.

‘None that I know of,’ replied Chalk.

The creaking of a small cart approaching could be heard and a trio of halfling farmers passed the adventurers and tipped their hats as the pony-drawn cart began to cross the bridge unhindered.

The four adventurers looked at each other, puzzled.

‘Boots?’ the priest of the Spider God asked aloud.

The quartet tore off their boots and crossed the bridge without hesitation.

‘They are going to pay for that one,’ grumbled Chalk.

No Boots Bridge (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Touch.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

Frustrating to no end and too simple to easily figure out, this spell, cast upon any bridge, over water, or a chasm, over lava or anything else will not allow anyone wearing footwear to cross the bridge, even if mounted. It does not matter if the bridge is a log over a creek or a gigantic bridge capable of bearing four horsemen side by side, the magic halts passage until footwear is removed from all sentient beings crossing the bridge. Barefoot, hooved, bird-footed or any other type of natural means of locomotion are free to cross unhindered. A party of booted adventurers can waste a lot of time figuring out why they cannot cross the bridge, giving any fleeing them a great headstart.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] No Boots Bridge

  1. Dick says:

    Horseshoes don’t count, then? Or do halflings leave their ponies unshod? Very bad for their hooves, that – although I suppose poor Bill’s kinfolk don’t do a lot of heavy work and road hauling.

    • bat says:

      I would consider that this works only on intelligent creatures so Poor old Bill will be safe. Now the fancy minotaur with bull shoes….

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