[New Magic Item] Kragnor’s Blade

Kragnor’s Blade

One of the Astral Raiders hissed at Koram and lunged forward to strike. The human deftly turned away and struck back with the sword the group had found on their last expedition. It hit and the marauding creature shrank back, blood streaming from its wounded arm.

Then the sinister laughing started. And the Astral Raiders looked at each other.

‘I want my sword back!’ Koram shouted at them.

‘We have retrieved one of our own blades from you,’ one of the creatures retorted.

A huge spider climbed in through a window of the cottage, clacking its mandibles menacingly. The quartet of extra-planar humanoids exchanged glances. One stepped forward and set the blade down.

‘You win this time, human, we will get that Crystal Sword back, we always do,’ the Astral Raider told Koram with a piercing glance.

‘Not today though,’ Navnen the thief quipped as the creatures moved slowly to the door, the fram of the portal began to glow a strange red color and the Astral Raiders ran towards the door and disappeared.

‘Wouldn’t it just be easier to let them have it?’ Chalk asked.

‘I suppose, but it is the principle of it,’ replied the fighter.

This unusual longsword is beautifully crafted and radiates magic to all but the dullest of minds. Unnerving to foes, it has a surprise for those not gifted with use of the blade as well.

Benefit: In combat this longsword deals 1d8+1 points of damage upon a successful strike. When blood is drawn this blade lets out an eerie cackling sound that is unnerving to all opponents within 20 feet, causing them to be -1 to strike and -1 to damage on their next attack and continues with each successive hit. However, there is a twist; each failed strike by the wielder of this blade doubles the weapon’s weight (initially 7lbs) and a critical miss (result of 1-3 to hit) triples the weight of the blade. Excess weight is shed 1d4 hours after combat.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a longsword.

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