[New Spell] Buzzing Bees

Buzzing Bees

Fellhorn tossed a spell at the trio of advancing bugbears. Immediately the monstrous humanoids stopped in their tracks and began growling and dropped their weapons to claw at their heads.

‘I did not know that spell would be so effective on them,’ the druid said as he stood and looked proudly upon his own doing.

‘Yeah, this is great, but we should get moving,’ suggested the elf ranger.

Fellhorn still stood in awe as the bugbears became more agitated.

The elf tugged at the druid’s sleeve, the gnome illusionist was already sneaking away into the underbrush.

Suddenly one of th bugbears seemed to shake off the effect.

‘Run!’ Fellhorn screamed as he turned to flee.

Buzzing Bees (Druid)

Level 1

Range: 10’+2’/level.

Duration: 1d4 rounds.

This spell puts buzzing bees into the ears of up to four individuals (providing that they have ears).These summoned bees do not sting or cause damage, yet they are all summoned facing inward and vibrate their wings as they are agitated and want out. This has the effect of disorienting any living creature, dropping their Dexterity and Intelligence each by one point due to the constant irritation and making all rolls -2 during this spell. After the enchantment elapses the bee frees itself and flies off.

Optional: A thief, with thief’s tools, may attempt to remove the offending insects with a Dexterity attribute role with a -1 modifier due to the flailing and agitated state of the one under the effect of the spell.

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