[New Magic Item] Talisman of Bloodstaining

Talisman of Bloodstaining

‘Gloves are forbidden in this town!’ objected Bakra-do. The mercenary was hired to kill a leader of the local thief’s guild that was not obeying the Grand Guildmaster of the realm.

‘That’s right, no gloves,’ replied the town watchman as he collected the entry fee from the mercenary.

The wily Bakra-do, sensing some mischief, waited a few days in a shoddy inn near the guild of thieves.

Not two days passed before another would-be assassin was caught in the public square, literally with red hands. Bakra-do found out that this man had only wounded the leader of the local guild, yet he was marked and caught by some magic. The local duke, a cousin to the leader of the petty thief’s guild, had the would be assassin thrown into his dungeon to be executed.

Calling in a favor owed him by a slippery wizard, Bakra-do earned the bounty by the Grand Guildmaster by having the sorcerer summon strange, drifting undead that carried the mercenary’s target off to the Astral plane, which, whether dead or alive, seemed to satidfy the Grand Guildmaster of the realm that a lesson was learned.

A very effective and damning magic item, often worn by kings, archmagi and others concerned about assassins and usurpers to their positions.

Benefit: This talisman marks anyone’s hands (claws, pincers, tentacles, fins, etc) that deal damage to the wearer with the color of fresh blood. The color depends on the type of creature wearing the talisman, yet is most often red. Or black. Or green. Sometimes blue. This effect lasts for 1d4 days and is magical and cannot be washed off.

Usable by: Anyone.

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