[New Spell] Possessed by the Enemy

Possessed by the Enemy

‘My wand!’ squeaked the gnome illusionist. ‘It’s gone! How?!’

A faint tittering laugh could be heard that faded into the distance.

‘Treachery for certain,’ Fellhorn the druid said.

‘Probably taken by that wizard you embarassed a couple of towns back,’ replied the elf ranger.

‘We have to catch him! I need that wand badly,’ urged the gnome.

Three days later the trio of adventurers caught up to Skralt the wizard, yet he had no wand on his person.

‘What does this mean?’ Fellhorn asked the wizard.

‘That this annoying gnome has bigger enemies than me,’ Skralt replied.

The elf ranger removed his backpack and went through his own things.

‘Not me either, he must have a very powerful enemy indeed,’ the elf said with a wry smile.

The gnome frowned.

Possessed by the Enemy (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 10’+3’/level.

Duration: Instantaneous (see below).

A nasty spell that causes the most prized possession of the target to now be owned by their most powerful enemy. While there is no Saving Throw to resist this the casting wizard may be forced to reverse the spell if pressed to within 24 hours. If no specific enemy is known then the local tyant/depost comes into possession of the prized object.

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