[New Spell] Price On Your Head

Price On Your Head

Quietly the spider crept up on Valance’s shoulder and cleaned its mandibles. The creature chittered audibly.

‘Yes, that IS the third assassination attempt in as many days,’ the priest of the Spider God replied to the fist saized arachnid.

‘Should we head out of town?’ Chalk asked.

‘But for how long? What magic is this?’ Koram asked aloud. ‘Because even I know that this isn’t natural.’

‘Who would put a price on your head?’ Navnen asked.

The other three adventurers looked at the thief.

‘Okay, dumb question, let’s be vigilant and get out of here and see what happens in the next town,’ Navnen suggested,

Price On Your Head (Arcane)

Level 6

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year and a day.

When cast upon an individual that person has a bounty placed upon his or her head that bounty hunters and assassins that come within 60′ of the individual are suddenly aware of. If one of these persons kills the ‘marked one’ then 1500 gold pieces per level of the victim appear at the killer’s feet. If the subject of the spell eludes death for the duration of the spell then he or she is off the hook. Few make it unless they stay away from civilization.

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