[New Magic Item] Mirro of Milaja

Mirror of Milaja

‘Bring me the head of that cursed court jester and the mirror he holds!’ roared King Xiost the Jug-eared.

Seeing the their ruler’s now even more twisted visage caused many in the court to shrink back in fear that whatever hideous thing had happeend to their king could happen to them too.

‘Well? Do none of you have the courage to hunt down that foolish clown?’ roared the king even more.

Hushed whispers and mumblings as the guards and knights all stepped back, some dropped their weapons on the spot and fled in horror not believing a human could look so deformed.

‘I’ll hunt him myself then, cowards!’ the king shouted as he sought out his sword.

Following the trail and befriending the disfigured victims of the court jester the king and his newfound court encountered the bearer of the horrible magic item in a rundown tavern and dragged him back to the king’s castle for justice to be slowly served.

The Mirror of Milaja does answer one mysterious question about itself. Milaja is within the mirror, so we know that she was a beautiful, and petulant, half-elven princess. Appears as a oval shaped mirror set in a sturdy oaken frame with a handle.

Benefit: When this mirror is shown to any intelligent creature’s face the spirit of Milaja within is summoned instantly. Foregoing an attack, the bearer of this handmirror may make the one before them face the long dead half-elven princess in the mirror. This causes an Attribute check against Charisma with a +2 modifier (adding two to the roll while trying to roll under your Charisma). Those who fail their save lose five points of Charisma for 1d4 days, any who fail three times find that this situation is now permanent and can only be magically reversed with Remove Curse, Limited Wish or Wish spells. This affects hirelings and henchmen immediately as well as any and all social interactions.

Usable by: Anyone.

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