[New Spell] Aging Wounds

Aging Wounds

Elf, Gnome and Druid walking confidently into town. There was a buzz amongst the yokels about this trio of adventurers, rumors had spread fast with the local woodcutters, game keepers and even a few bandits that had heard of these three and their recent adventurers.

At the Befuddled Basilisk Inn free meals were even offered. This did surprise them.

‘Be you the druid that aged that ogre in a fight so much that the monster retreated high into the mountains?’ the innkeeper asked.

Fellhorn looked puzzled for a moment.

‘He be that very druid!’ the elf ranger replied.

The innkeeper’s face revealed that he did not doubt this one bit.

‘Food and drink is on me for you fellows then, that ogre was harrassing my nephew who cuts wood for us and many others,’ he said with a wide smile then hurried off to retrieve drinks.

‘But I didn’t cast any such spell!’ Fellhorn whispered to his companions.

‘Quiet, human! This is a good thing we have going here,’ hissed the gnome illusionist.

The elf ranger jerked a thumb towards the gnome and nodded.

Just then a quarter of important looking druids entered the Befuddled Basilisk. Fellhorn groaned. The elf ranger released the catch on the scabbard of his short sword while the gnome illusionist considered a spell.

Aging Wounds (Druid)

Level 5

Range: Touch.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes).

When a druid casts this spell upon themselves any living creature that he or she strikes in combat suddenly ages 1d6 years per successful hit. If this puts the opponent into a more venerable age category the accompanying penalties also instantly apply as well as signs of physical aging. A few spells will reverse this magical aging, however Remove Curse or any Healing spells will not. Wish, Limited Wish and Alter Reality will return the subject to their normal age again.

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