[New Magic Item] Xog’s Cowl

Xog’s Cowl

Vistis the Blue Mage turned to the side and saw that Stork was getting uneasy.

‘What is going on? I cannot hear you and I do not understand his hand signals!’ the latter growled and nodded towards the odd looking wizard across the room of the inn.

Vistis faced Stork.

‘We are almost done, relax,’ the illusionist told the sorcerer.

‘Well I don’t like not knowing what is being said!’ Stork snarled.

Vistis turned to Stork and glared at him through his thickly lacquered mask.

‘Do you want everyone here to know our business?’ the illusionist snarled back.

Stork, for once, seemed to shrink a little despite himself.

‘No, you are right, continue,’ he replied sheepishly.

A strange enchanter of minor items, Xog the Curious really had a good thing with his magical cowl. Dozens were enchanted and he was the toast of kings and queens. Until the bugbears got him.

Benefit: This enchanted cowl can be used at will to communicate with anyone directly in front of the wearer up to 60′. Even at this distance a whisper sounds like normal communication, although anyone standing to either side of the person wearing one of these magic items cannot hear a shout emanating from the cowl. A thief using a listening skill has a -30% chance of deciphering what is being said. While this only works one way, two or more people wearing these cowls can have a conversation on a different level than those around them, while hearing everything else said perfectly. Magical and psionic communication methods work normally around a Xog’s Cowl. Can easily be worn by anyone from the size of a gnome to an ogre.

Usable by: Anyone.

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