[New Spell] Savage Music

Savage Music

The innkeeper of the Befuddled Basilisk stood, mouth wide open, as he assessed the damage done to his establishment. Broken tables and chairs, pictures fallen from the wall, and don’t get him started on the broken crockery.

‘I told you to invest in those copper mugs that the dwarf was selling!’ admonished his wife as she picked up broken plates and mugs.

‘I thought that trio of gnome bards caused a ruckus!’ was all the innkeeper could say.

Savage Music (Illusionist)

Level 5

Range: 20’+5’/level.

Duration: Five combat rounds.

Not all adages are correct all of the time….Any music played in the area intitates the spell which causes all within the spell’s range to Save versus Spells (unmodified) or fly into a berserk rage, attacking friend and foe alike. If no weapons are in hand at the time the spells begins then that person will fight barehanded (although they may use improvised weapons such as chairs or tables), if a person is carrying a weapon as the spell starts then he or she will fight with that weapon.

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