[New Magic Item] Writ of the Dragon

Writ of the Dragon

The Duke of Theckla rode to the king’s castle. On a borrowed horse. He hastened to the throne room.

‘My king….’ the duke began, but the king only waved a dismissive hand at him. It was then that the duke noticed that there was no finery in the room, no tapestries, not even a silver spoon could be seen.

‘I do not have time to listen to your problems, that cursed dragon got to me first!’ lamented the king.

Often drafted by a clever wizard or dragon-sage, these magic items are usually destroyed by adventurers when found so that one isn’t used agaonst them. A Writ of the Dragon can, however, be used to bankrupt foes too.

Benefit: When a Writ of the Dragon is read aloud by another the dragon that signed the writ (or another that tacked their name onto it) now owns all portable treasure owned by the one the writ is written to. Only one individual is affected per magic item. This enchantment works as a Wish spell and transfers all portable treasure to the lair of the dragon. Not reversible. Want it back? Go get it.

Usable by: Anyone, usually some jerk dragon or his or her servants.

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