[New Magic Spell] Elemental Ire

Elemental Ire

Fellhorn the druid watched as the campfire suddenly grew more fierce and whirled into a blaze. A rough face could be seen in the flames as the fire began to take on a roughly humanoid form and then it began to advance towards him, its voice crackling like a burning piece of pitch laden pine. The druid watched the orc shaman cackling behind he nearby boulder. He ran towards the monstrous humanoid. Before the creature could attack Fellhorn mumbled a spell and gripped the shaman’s arm.

The elemental suddenly shifted its focus to the one who summoned it. With a howl of horror the or shaman tried to scamper away, its voice alerting the orc warband hidden nearby that began gibbering and running off in various directions.

The elf ranger loosed a couple of arrows to encourage the retreat of the monsters.

‘Can we just eat a meal in peace for once?’ lamented the gnome illusionist who leapt up and began cleaning up the mess the fiery elemental creature had made.

‘Let’s go oursleves before that thing turns back on us!’ Fellhorn urged.

‘Us?’ the elf ranger asked. “ I thought it was focused on you.’

Fellhorn scowled as the elf smirked.

Elemental Ire (Druid)

Level 5

Range: Touch.

Duration: One combat round per level of caster.

This spell allows the casting druid to touch another individual and then all subsequent attacks by elemental creatures for the next five rounds of combat will focus on that subject. If the target of this spell summoned the elemental he or she may Save versus Spells with a +2 modifier, all others Save with a -1 modifier. Elemental creatures do not obey the caster in any other way and may return to attack the druid if they were summoned to do so, if not the elemental will leave the area.

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