[New Magic Item] Cloak of Corrosion and Confusion

Cloak of Corrosion and Confusion

Zoxakloz the nalfeshnee demon reeled in pain and growled after he swatted at the hooded figure. The creature, which was a winged amalgamation of the worst bits of an ape and a boar, then stared at its hands, tusked maw agape, then stared at its surroundings.

‘How?’ the thing pondered aloud. The ancient and wise demon thought it knew all of the tricks of the Material World, and here was something new.

‘Then you agree to grant me the spell and return to your realm?’ Stork said as he pulled back his hood and grinned revealing his shark-like teeth.

‘Yes, anything!’ replied Zoxakloz as the fiend began to carve the spell into the air with a claw for Stork to learn and memorize.

These enchanted hooded cloaks were made to protect adventurers that were adventuring into the Lower Planes, and many a stalwart delver stood tall against even the most cunning fiends that could not resist the effects of one of these capes.

Benefit: When worn these hooded capes may be ‘activated’ twice per day for up to one turn (ten minutes) per ‘activation’. The outside of these hooded capes is then heavily coated in a strange arcane acid- any creature touching the cape takes 1d6 points of damage while any creature of the Lower Planes takes 2d6 points of damage and will have wild and vivid hallucinations for 1d6 combat rounds with no save available. Lower Planar creatures that hallucinate have a 4 in 6 chance of agreeing to do one favor/grant a boon to the wearer of the cape to “make it stop” regarding the hallucinations.

Usable by: Anyone.

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