[New Spell] Mindfrog


‘The frog is back!’ Navnen shouted.

The others looked around.

‘In my head! Jumping over and over, it won’t stop!’ lamented the thief.

Chalk pulled out a scroll while Valance retrieved a handful of hideous looking spiders and Koram drew his Crystal Sword. Navnen grabbed his head with both hands.

‘The frog!’

‘We need to find that illusionist, fast,’ Chalk suggested.

‘No kidding,’ replied Valance as he looked onto Navnen with pity. ‘That could be one of us next time.’

Koram pointed with his Crystal Sword at a dubious looking robed figure that seemed to be trying to leave the marketplace in a hurry.

‘There he goes!’ the fighter snapped.

Mindfrog (Illusionist)

Level 5

Range: Touch.

Duration: One turn per level of caster.

This devastating spell causes the target to feel as if the front part of the mind has a frog made of light hopping in an endless loop, bumping into the inside of the skull. This sensation is acute, jarring and nervewracking. All rolls have a -2 modifier, the charac2 to Charisma due to twiching and clawing at themselves and there is a 25% chance that the target will pick up an insanity. Undead and unintelligent creatures are unaffected. The length of this spell causes the maddening effect to make the subject irrational and seem crazed. A Saving Throw with a -1 modifier can be attempted to avoid this harrowing spell.

(to get the same effect have a bartender fix a glass with four shots of absinthe and a lot of wormwood)

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