[New Monster] Nollon


The three gnome bards stood on the boulder, their instruments having no effect on the shadowy lizard-like creatures swarming around them. One drew a short sword while the other two looked skeptical. Suddenly out of the shrubbery scuttled a thing as big as one of them. This upright cat-armadillo creature launched into the shadowy tulpas and tore two into shreds almost immediately as the others scrambled for safety.

Lightly climbing from the boulder the gnomes lavished praise upon the nollon for saving them.

‘That will be two hundred gold pieces,’ squeaked the creature as it opened a pouch slung around a shoulder.

The gnomes played a tune so powerful the nollon wandered off into the bushes.

‘We did give him fifty gold pieces, that is a lot,’ quipped one of the gnomes.

Nollon: AC 3 [+16], HD 3 (13hp), Att 2 × claw (1d4+1) or by bite (1d6), THAC0 15 [+4], MV 60’ (20’), SV D12 W13 P14 B15 S16 (3), ML 10, AL Neutral (Chaotic tendencies), XP 225, NA 1 (1d6), TT None (see below)

Originally summoned to seek out and eliminate the plague of tulpas created by the tulpaic primarchs of a strange war long forgotten, these strange creatures look like the unlikely amalgamation of a house cat and an armadillo. Roughly the height of a gnome, these small humanoids have a great sense of smell (87% chance of success tracking) amd while they are usually broke, spending their money on strong drink, they will hire on as trackers and are fairly loyal, only distracted if a tulpa a creator of tulpas is in the area, then they tend to wander off. Nollon speak an archaic form of Common.

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