[New Spell] Glassbones


Chalk read the spell from the mouldering scroll as the quartet of ogres burst out of the forest, growling and hungry for blood.

As the spell fanned out in a neon blue haze the ogres all halted a moment and took a step back. Koram revealed himself and brought the pommel of his Crystal Sword down on the arm of one of the ogres. The creature howled in pain and dropped its weapon. The other ogres stepped away.

Valance now stepped into the fray, swinging a mace in each hand.

‘Let’s play!’ shouted the Priest of the Spider God.

Regarding their wounded companion, the ogres retreated hastily back into the woods, but not before Valance got two strikes in, nearly crippling another ogre.

‘Let’s go and get Navnen before that spell wears off and they come back,’ suggested Chalk.

‘How much did that scroll cost?’ Valance asked.

‘Probably more than Navnen’s hide is worth, but he is part of the group,’ the wizard replied.

Glassbones (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: Cone, 60′ long, 30′ wide at far end, 2′ wide at caster’s hands.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes).

This spell causes the bones of all creatures caught in its range to have their bones converted to glass thick enough to hold them upright and to let them move. Unintelligent undead without flesh are very susceptible to attack, any damage to them does +4 damage (+6 from crushing weapons) and a result of 6 on a 1d6 means that the creature has crumble into a pile of glass shards. Intelligent skeletal creatures receive a Saving Throw versus Spells to avoid the 1d6 roll, but are otherwise vulernable too. Creatures with flesh take +2 damage (+4 from crushing weapons) and bones can easily break and splinter. Many intelligent creatures flee when they know that they are affected by this spell and try to wait it out.

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