[New Spell] Mold of Loc’narr

Mold of Loc’narr

The elf ranger squinted into the distance.

‘There seem to be a lot of people oddly glowing green in that village ahead,’ he observed.

‘Still?’ asked Fellhorn.

‘The elf and gnome both gave the druid a puzzled look.

‘What do you now about this?’ asked the gnome illusionist.

‘I think we had better steer clear of that place, it sound dangerous,’ the druid replied gruffly.

The elf ranger squinted at Fellhorn.

Not far away the angry villagers plotted on how they would catch the druid that brought this magical ‘death mold’ to them.

Mold of Loc’narr (Druid)

Level 3

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: One turn per level of caster (and see below).

When cast the druid or one he or she touches seem to be covered in an unsettling glowing green lichen or mold that slowly creeps over the skin of the ‘afflicted’. Most living sentient creatures will be at least concerned about catching this strange glowing emerald mold, especially if the druid or the afflicted hams it up and appears to be suffering. Each time that someone is touched and ‘catches’ the mold it is reset and it can go on virtually for days in a large city if people are ‘re-infected’ until the spell finally the last bearer of this spell is somehow quarantined and can no longer pass it on to others. All affected must make a Save versus spells with a -2 modifier or be in a state of panic as long as they are ‘afflicted’ by the green ‘plague’ and is -2 on all physical rolls and -3 on all mental attribute rolls as long as he or she catchs the Mold of Loc’narr. Thos who pass their Saving Throw often try to fool others about the effects of the mold as if it were a painful and debilitating magical contagion.

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