[New Magic Item] Potion of Stramos

Potion of Stramos

‘There will be nothing we can do for you for a day,’ Chalk told Koram as the fighter held the small, strange bottle.

‘There isn’t much we could do anyway,’ Navnen commented.

‘I do have some spiders with a hallucinogenic bite, that isn’t technically healing,’ suggested Valance.

Koram held the bottle high and took a drink before the fray.

The battle against the goblin, hobgoblin, orc and bugbear warband was incredible as the seemingly endless stream of goblinoids pressed forward. In time they were defeated. Koram staggered around the battlefield, bloodied and bruised, but he did not cry out in pain throughout the entire conflict.

‘You did your god proud,’ Chalk told the fighter as he helped bandage the worst wounds.

‘Yeah, I did, I guess. Navnen, do you have some of those spiders on hand?’ the fighter asked.

Valance’s pupils were dilated as a smile wandered across his face.

‘I had a couple bite me before the fight started!’ exclaimed the priest of the Spider God.

Stramos was a legendary warrior from mythical times and while some consider this potion a curse, others consider it a test of strength and even faith. Usually only the boldest warriors imbibe this strangely sweet elixir.

Benefit: The bottle opened and tasted, this sweet tasting potion nullifies all forms of magical healing for 24 hours per drink, and this effect is cumulative. No clerical spell, item or device can magically heal the imbiber, however traditional healing methods still work. Under the effects of this elixir only an angel, demigod, lesser or greater deity may heal one under the effect of this potion and this is done rarely as most time the Potion of Stramos is willfully drunk down.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Potion of Stramos

  1. nimroddfw says:

    From the description, I see no benefit to the imbiber. Does he get anything for the “Benefit” of not being able to be healed? Something from his god if he survives? Extra to-hit bonus during the fight?

    • bat says:

      It is a ‘test of strength for some’, and maybe something to slip into an enemy’s drink before you kick over their table.

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