[New Magic Item] Robes of the Sage

Robes of the Sage

Chalk returned to the cottage he shared with his fellow adventurers looking rather happily.

‘New robes?’ Valance casually asked while playing with an odd-looking green spider.

‘Why yes!’ exclaimed the wizard. ‘I won these robes from Zorbal the illusionist.’

‘Won,’ Valance repeated with a snicker.

‘Why? What do you know?’ Chalk inquired.

There was a knock at the door. Chalk peered out through the peephole and saw a small crowd.

‘Who are these people?’ asked Chalk aloud.

‘People with questions. They found out you have the robes from Zorbal, he grew tired of the endless questions. I passed on those robes twice myself,’ replied Valance.

Chalk grumbled to himself realizing that these robes were possibly as good as cursed.

Crafted by an archmage tired of being bothered and interrupted constantly, these robes have been used by many a charlatan and well meaning scholar.

Benefit: Twice per day the wearer of these robes may answer any question about a creature, place, person or thing in the vicinity (twenty mile radius for game purposes) with 85% accuracy. While anyone can wear these robes, spellcasters also enjoy a +2 to their Wisdom attribute and may answer an additional question per day with 75% accuracy. If the question is answered wrongly the sage themselves will not know this and may suffer reprisals from giving out wrong information. Wearing the robes for eight hours or more will cause the wearer to require twice as many rations as usual.

Usable by: Anyone, although most useful to spellcasters.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Robes of the Sage

  1. I love items with hidden or not so hidden flaws, that are nonetheless usefull. 🙂

  2. bat says:

    Thank you! I like to think that people are mutating things from the blog to reveal flaws in magic items and spells because there should always be that aspect of magic and magical things that can go wrong.

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