[New Spell] Find Me Fast

Find Me Fast

‘Ah, there you are!’ the official said to Stork. ‘I had been looking for you.’

‘I cast a spell on you so that you could find me easily, was there something wrong with that scroll?’ Stork replied.

‘Bureaucrats,’ whispered Vistis the Blue Mage to Stork.

Stork shrugged.

‘Have you any news on Chalk and his cohorts?’ he asked the official.

‘Why yes! They just passed through this town not long ago, three days ago, in fact, according to my sources,’ the official replied.

‘That is all I need to know, you are dismissed,’ Stork said, dispelling the enchantment with a wave of his hand.

‘Dismissing me!’ the minor clerk retorted in outrage.

Shark smiled, revealing his shark-like teeth.

‘I have other magics….’ he began as the official’s eyes widened and he decided it was best to disappear into the crowd.

Find Me Fast (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Special (see below).

Duration: One day.

Usually the opposite of what most spellcasters desire, this spell allows the subject to easily find the caster up to 1d3 times per day. If more than a mile separates the subject from caster the target gets the general direction, if within a mile the target can easily locate the caster. Useful in busy cities or tricky dungeons with lackluster henchmen. An opposite of the spell is also possible, in which the wizard can lose the subject up to 1d3 times per day, however, in this case he or she must be out of the line of sight of the target.

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