[New Spell] Tightrope Conundrum

Tightrope Conundrum

The elf ranger deftly crossed the area, followed by Fellhorn the druid.

Unfortunately the gnome illusionist was not so lucky and seemed to make an exaggerated fall in which he appeared to trip, scream and merely hit the ground.

‘That was very dramatic,’ the elf ranger observed as the gnome stood and dusted himself off.

‘I thought I was falling into a pit,’ squeaked the gnome.

The elf laughed.

‘You did too, we all did,’ the druid said to the elf ranger who shrugged.

‘It was still funny watching the runt ‘fall’ and it was probably a spell of his own vocation,’ said the ranger with a snicker.

Tightrope Conundrum (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 10’+5’/level area.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes).

This ridiculous Illusionist spell causes one target to fully believe that he or she is walking on a tightrope across an area, and they believe that they are 50′ off of the ground, all others in the area must be on similar ropes, levitating or flying to them. Creatures of Low Intelligence or lower move very slowly (Movement is 3′ for Small and Medium creatures, 5′ for Large) as they fear falling and do not believe that they can walk across ‘the rope’. Creatures of Average and higher Intelligence may make an Intelligence attribute check to try to move at normal speed, yet they will still believe that they are on a rope high above the ground for the duration of the spell and will walk in a straight line. Any who ‘fall’ find that they basically trip and take 1d4 points of damage. While creatures of animal Intelligence, winged creatures and constructs are immune to this spell, even simple undead like Skeletons try to preserve their ‘unlife’ and are affected.

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