[New Magic Item] Fey Hammer

Fey Hammer 

The fire giant roared in anger and raised its strange club at Valance and Chalk. The creature was done talking.

On a ledge behind the giant Koram appeared bearing a large gold colored hammer. The priest of the Spider God nodded at the giant while looking over its shoulder at Koram.

The giant laughed.

‘I’m not falling for that old trick!’ bellowed the fire giant.

Leaping and shouting a strange word the fighter brought the large hammer down on the helmet of the giant, who immediately turned into a cloud of pixies that laughed and tittered and flew around the cavern.

‘Now what do we do?’ Chalk asked.

‘We have a day to get as far away from here as possible before these pixies become a giant again,’ Koram replied.

‘Let’s get packing!’ Valance suggested as Navnen showed up, swatting at a mischievous pixie.

‘Don’t ask, let’s go!’ the other three said in unison. The thief shrugged and helped the other gather their things without comment.

A very ornate and large war hammer, the Fey Hammer has been the embarrassment and indignity of many a great monster (when they were told later what happened).

Benefit: If combat this impressive war hammer deals 1d8+2 points of damage. Once per day, when the command word is uttered it will cause one subject to burst into its Hit Dice worth of pixies with no Saving Throw available. These minor fey are all Neutral regardless of the alignment of the target of the Fey Hammer and will usually fly about amok, hiding or causing minor mischief. After one day the target of the hammer will regain their original form (with no memory of life as many tiny fey) as long as at least one pixie remains at the time.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a two-handed hammer. 

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