[New Magic Item] Stone of the Green Mountain

Stone of the Green Mountain

The gnome illusionist grinned from ear to ear.

‘This green stone the dwarf traded me for is really handy,’ he squeaked.

‘Do you think it is unusual that a dwarf would trade such a fantastic item?’ asked the elf ranger.

Fellhorn the druid looked nervously out of the window of the small house the three adventurers were sharing.

‘What is happening out there?’ the gnome asked.

‘I believe a small mob of merchants is forming outside,’ replied the druid.

The gnome began to panic as the elf snickered.

‘We’d better go,’ Fellhorn said as he began muttering a strange spell.

The small illusionist went to pick up the enchanted green stone,

‘Leave it!’ snarled the elf. ‘That has caused us enough trouble!’

Most often polished and in an oval shape at one time these enchanted stones were quite prolific, until economies began to collapse and they were outlawed centuries ago. In some places baring one is still a serious offense.

Benefit: This magical stone draws merchants and other types of salespeople who are eager to give the bearer very good offers on their merchandise (often up to 50% off of retail). Any merchant known for being stingy receives a Saving Throw versus Rods/Staves and Wands. Failure means going along with others while success often means full realization of the situation and the raising of an alarm. Those who eagerly sold to the talisman bearer may make a Wisdom attribute check after the exchange, and if they pass, may consider revenge. Thieves have a 65% chance of recognizing the use of this magic item.

Usable by: Anyone. 

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