[New Magic Item] Hat of the Boot

Hat of the Boot

Valance sat cross-legged on the toe of the boot.

‘Are we getting close?’ Koram asked as he rowed the giant boot in the choppy waters.

‘A little to the North, that little island, that is where the others are!’ replied the priest of the Spider God.

‘Is that port or starboard?’ the fighter asked.

Valance looked over his shoulder at Koram and made a chopping motion with his left arm indicating North. The fighter waved and smiled, steering North towards one of the small, dismal islands before them.

A dark umber floppy hood/hat that one can pull a titanic boot from. Maybe even a titan’s boot. As long as you don’t use it to hurt others it will come in handy.

Benefit: Once per week this magical hat may be used to retrieve an enormous boot from it. The boot is made of thick leather and may be from a storm giant or some unknown, even larger type of giant. Three human sized figure will fit inside the boot, one Large being or a number of Small figures. One additional Medium or Large being may ride on the toe/tongue of the boot too. On water the boot will not sink and may be used as a vessel. The boot can jump 40′ and gently land not injuring anyone on it and it can be used to kick an object such as a wooden door for 1d12 points of damage, yet it may not be used to harm others. The boot will remain out of the hat for one hour or less if used to do harm.

Usable by: Anyone

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