[New Magic Item] Arrow Against the Arcane

Arrow Against the Arcane

The Duke’s best archer nodded as he received the enchanted arrow from the court wizard and looked to the Duke as he nocked the arrow to the string of his bow.

‘Which one, My Duke?’ the archer inquired.

‘Far left, the one with the mace and the dark blue hooded cloak,’ the Duke said quietly.

The archer nodded as he aimed and drew back the arrow. Time seemed to stop and then the arrow flew, raising towards Valance who was struck in the thigh. The priest of the Spider God momentarily convulsed in shock then regained his composure, seemingly invigorated.

‘Excellent shot!’ exclaimed the Duke.

‘The sorcerer will still be a threat!’ squeaked the court wizard.

‘That is really where you get a chance to shine. Besides, I have heard of these adventurers and as I detest spiders I would rather that we were not all fighting them off!’ the Duke replied in a huff.

Sometimes called the Dirty Trick Arrow, this enchanted missile weapon is not appreciated and is absolutely feared in some wizardly circles. Those who survive being a victim of this blunt-ended arrow usually come back with a vengeance.

Benefit: When striking a living enemy the target will feel compelled not to use magic (spells or items) for a twenty-four hour period while taking no actual damage from the arrow. The only exception is healing magic (by spell, potion or other means), which is unaffected by these magical arrows. The subject also receives a 1d4+1 hit point boost that will last the same amount of time as the sudden and temporary abandonment of magic. After one day elapses anyone affected by one of these arrows loses the bonus HP yet can use magic again.

Usable by: Anyone who can fire a bow. If also used with an Arrow of Miss-Spelling (q.v.) this can devastate a party with multiple spellcasters.

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