[New Magic Item] Conjuring Bottle

Conjuring Bottle

‘Why do you have that odd bottle on your head?’ Fellhorn the druid asked the gnome illusionist.

‘To see if my uncle can tell us what is at the bottom of this well,’ replied the gnome as he sat cross-legged before a burning candle, a wispy movement, as of a phantom out of the corner of one’s eye could barely be seen descending into the well.

Fellhorn shrugged.

‘Ask a silly question,’ commented the elf ranger.

The gnome grimaced.

‘Less treasure for doubters!’ the illusionist exclaimed.

This strange enchanted bottle was thought to be a myth until one was found in the ruins of an old inn. A tall glass bottle with a sturdy cork, the bottom is concave enough to fit many a plethora of people.

Benefit: Any Medium or Small character may wear this on his or her head as a if a hat and burn a candle or some paper before them to instigate the magic. This enchanted bottle will call forth the ghost/shade of one person known by the person wearing the Conjuring Bottle. For ten minutes (one turn) the spirit will answer three questions truthfully if it knows the answers and may , as it is intangible, pass through a barrier that the one who conjured it cannot to answer one of these questions if need be. Usable once per week.

Usable by: Anyone.

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