[New Magic Item] Goblin’s Pelting Sling

Goblin’s Pelting Sling

Koram yelled out as the stone struck his arm. Dropping his Crystal Sword, the fighter rubbed his damaged arm.

‘That hurt, a lot!’ he grumbled.

The goblin in the rocks nearby snickered aloud.

Chalk began a spell after already being hit twice. A third stone struck the wizard in the forehead, he subsequently dropped like a sack of potatoes.

‘This won’t look good on our graves, “Taken down by goblins” is no way to be remembered,’ said Navnen before he threw a knife that wounded one goblin.

Suddenly a bugbear reared its head from the rocks, swinging a sling of its own.

‘Oh no you don’t!’ shouted Valance as he sent a squad of very large and hairy spiders over the rocks and among their summoner’s foes.’

Screams and curses in various languages could be heard from among the rocks as the adventurers gathered up Chalk and their belongings to retreat.

A spider returned with three slings in its mandibles. Valance offered Koram and Navnen each one and tucked the other away.

‘Could be the best treasure we have found in ages,’ quipped the priest of the Spider God.

Considered a minor or “least” magic item may be a clever trick to hide these enchanted scraps of leather and twine, or a complete oversight or disregard of the potential of these magical weapons.

Benefit: Commonly used by goblins and often overlooked in the aftermath of battle these magical slings negate the -1 penalty for creatures that suffer from being in daylight. In addition, any sling ammunition deals 1d4+2 damage PLUS a Strength bonus, if the bearer has one, making these slings potentially devastating in the hands of powerful foes.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a sling.

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