[New Magic Item] Rot Arrows

Rot Arrows

Navnen watched in horror as the arrow wobbled, almost as if in slow motion during the fracas directly at him. Even with his nimbleness the thief could not evade the arrow shot with such rage and anger by the armored Champion of Chaos. The arrow struck Navnen’s thigh and he dropped his short sword and screamed in pain and terror as the filthy green arrow struck him.

Chalk looked at Valance as Koram struck down the Chaos Champion with his Crystal Sword. As the antihero fell he laughed brutally, even as he coughed up blood and then expired.

The thief writhed on the floor, suddenly in the grip of fever.

‘I’m not that sort of cleric…’ Valance said yet again.

Chalk poured a healing potion on Navnen’s leg that seemed to hiss and smoke.

‘Go get a priest that heals, fast! Take this!’ Chalk urged as he drew the barbed arrowhead from Navnen’s thigh , being careful to hold the arrow with a piece of torn cloth.

Koram grabbed Valance by the shoulder.

‘We’ll be back, keep him going,’ the fighter said.

Definitely a ‘gift’ from the Champions of Plague, Rot Arrows are among the few magic items that can be as dangerous for the intended victim as for the attacker. Those with more chaotic tendencies may be more apt to use these weapons than the more lawful among the populace.

Benefit: Without using gloves just to handle these magical arrows one must make a Saving Throw versus Poison or contact Fiend’s Rot, which causes the victim to lose 1d4 hit points per day if Cure Disease or Cure Major Wounds is not administered to the sufferer. If shot by one of these arrows one suffers 1d6+1 points of damage and must make a Saving Throw versus Poison with a +1 modifier (add one to the result of the Save) or contact Fiend’s Rot as above. Priest of champions of Chaotic powers receive a -2 to damage and a -2 on their Saving Throw modifier. Those aligned to Chaos powers of pestilence and/or plague only take 1d4 points of damage and are immune to Fiend’s Rot.

Option: Victims who die of Fiend’s Rot may return as hideous greenish ghoul-like creatures who’s physical attack also causes a Save versus Poison to avoid Fiend’s Rot. These creatures are otherwise like normal ghouls, but may gather in small groups to surprise adventurers.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a bow.

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