[New Magic Item] Candle of Locking

Candle of Locking

‘What’s wrong, can’t you open it?’ Chalk asked Navnen.

The thief looked at the large box in the prince’s treasure room.

‘I think I can, however there is one problem,’ the thief replied.

‘What is that?’ the wizard asked.

‘I cannot re-lock this box without a special candle, it will be open after I pick the lock,’ Navnen said.

‘So much for being subtle,’ Koram commented.

Valance pulled a candle out of his pouch.

‘Just use this to seal it, maybe they won’t notice right away,’ the priest of the Spider God suggested.

Chalk and Navnen exchanged glances.

‘Not like we will be back this way any time soon,’ Chalk said.

Navnen shrugged and began working on the lock.

A simple magic item that can cause a lot of frustration for thieves and adventurers. Also often kept by thieves and adventurers to use in a pinch when in a hurry.

Benefit: When lit, in addition to burning brightly in a 15′ radius, this candle can be used to lock any container that does not have a lock by pouring wax on the container so that it connects the lid and the body of the object. This locks the box, chest, etc tight. To open the container requires the use of thief’s tools to be embedded in the wax which creates a “shadow lock” that must be picked with a -5% modifier for the one opening the lock. Once opened the container cannot be locked again without another application of the magical wax.

Usable by: Anyone.

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