[New Spell] Too Many of You

Too Many of You

Valance dropped down from the loft in the cottage.

‘What is new?’ asked the priest of the Spider God.

Koram stopped dead in his tracks.

‘Didn’t I just see you slip out the back door?’ the fighter asked.

Chalk was studing a book of spells, he looked up momentarily.

‘Just ignore it, he won a bet,’ the wizard commented.

‘I win!’ shouted an excited Valance from the other room as Navnen stormed into the one with Koram and Chalk and….Valance.

‘He cheats!’ grumbled the thief.

‘Who does?’ Koram asked.

Navnen pointed to Valance.

‘What is going on?’ lamented the fighter again.

‘Just ignore it, in a few days this will all go away, I hope,’ replied Chalk.

A Valance frowned, maybe the original, maybe a duplicate.

Too Many of You (Arcane)

Level 7

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This spell creates 2d4 duplicates of the target. These replicas are not clones and have half of the Hit Dice/Points of the original subject (round down) and only possess mundane replicas of magic items carried by their ‘parent’. These duplicates are totally independent and may have contradictory personalities to the original. They may run amok, they may run off, or they may help their ‘parent’. After the spell has elapsed each receives a Save vs Death. Those that make their save do not fade away and remain as independent entities.

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