[New Magic Item] Ring of Bliddersdell

Ring of Bliddersdell

Koram and Navnen were fighting back to back in a dark alley against a pack of ghouls.

‘Didn’t you have a short sword that would come in handy right about now?’ the fighter asked.

Navnen paused for a moment before throwing a dagger that struck a ghoul in the forehead and sent it howling into the shadows.

‘You know, if I did I suddenly don’t remember it,’ the thief replied.

Koram rolled his eyes and then swept his Crystal Sword in an arc that wound three ghouls at once, causing them to whimper and pull back from their ambush.

Chalk and Valance appeared with a half dozen giant spider and the minor undead retreated, barking threats as they fled.

‘Didn’t Navnen have a short sword that caused undead to flee?’ Koram asked the wizard and priest.

‘I thought so, what happened to it?’ Chalk asked.

‘I have no idea, I do not remember it at all,’ the thief said.

Koram and Chalk exchanged glances.

‘He doesn’t remember a magic item that would help against undead right before undead attack? Koram speculated.

‘Stork must be around,’ Chalk said grimly, looking over his shoulder.

Gifted to a halfing warden to help protect the village that he guarded by a wandering troupe of elves, the Ring of Bliddersdell is an unusual magic item that is the bane of many an intrepid ne’er-do-well with bad intentions. It is thwarted a few heroes, too.

Benefit: The wearer of this magical ring can, once per day, cause another being to lose a magic item that the ring’s wearer knows about. To resist the target must roll over the ring wearer’s Charisma attribute score on 1d20. A natural 20 means that the wearer of the ring loses the Ring of Bliddersdell! If the resistance fails the target must discreetly as possible relieve themselves of the particular magic item and will immediately forget about it once it is off of their person.

Usable by: Anyone who can wear a magic ring.

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