[New Magic Item] Potion of Reverse Tracing

Potion of Reverse Tracing

The elf ranger carefully fired his bow from the concealment of dense underbrush under a thick oak tree. There was a grunt from the bugbear the arrow had hit as the monstrous humanoid spun around.

With a grin the bugbear raised his crossbow and fired back with frightening accuracy. A yelp of pain could be heard as the elf fell to the ground. from the impact of the huge crossbow bolt. The bugbear howled and pointed towards the elf as a dozen goblins, armed with rusty swords, scurried in that direction.

Before the goblins found the elf a great green dragon appeared and the goblins scattered. Fellhorn the druid quickly retrieved the wounded elf while the gnome illusionist guided the image of a dragon he had created to pursue the goblins as the frustrated bugbear snarled in anger.

‘I hear that bugbears like elf meat,’ the small illusionist whispered as the trio returned to their hidden shelter.

‘Not as much as goblins like gnome from what I have heard,’ returned the elf.

‘Do you two ever stop bickering?’ asked Fellhorn aloud. ‘We need to find out how that bugbear was so sure of where the ranger was hiding. That wasn’t natural.’

A rare coming together of the Order of Alchemists and the Illusionist’s Guild of Nalaj produce this strange potion that has thwarted many an assassin’s plans. Use at the right time and ranged attacks will go your way.

Benefit: For the next 1d4 days after being imbibed this potion causes tracers to appear from any missile weapon fired at the drinker of the potion back to the attacker. These tracers are colorful and obvious to all who have the same vantage point of the one attacked, but are not seen by the attacker or anyone on their side of the conflict. Missile attacks back at the attacker are +1 to hit. Each tracer lasts approximately 30 seconds before dissipating into thin air.

Usable by: Anyone.

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