[New Magic Item] Barrshuble’s Hat

Barrshuble’s Hat

The elf ranger smirked at the gnome.

‘Would you stop wearing that ridiculous hat,’ he said to the gnome illusionist.

The gnome looked over at Fellhorn.

‘Don’t even think about it. The last time you cast a spell on the elf he was scared of his own shadow for two weeks,’ the druid replied.

‘A week and a elf,’ snorted the elf indignantly.

‘We almost were eaten by those forest trolls because you ran away, I won’t want that hat used against anyone in the party!’ bellowed Fellhorn.

The gnome sulked, but the eyes of the hat were eerily fixed on the elf.

A bit disturbing to look at, this cylindrical hat appears to be about a foot tall with large cat-like eyes set equally apart almost near the hat’s top. Rough, scaly skin makes up the body of the hat (although the lining is nice) and two tentacles serve to secure this odd hat under one’s chin. Oh, and there is a mouth above the forehead of the wearer.

Benefit: This bizarre magical hat is constantly vigilant, meaning that the wearer is never surprised, not even when asleep, this hat is always on duty. If any threat is sighted the hat will declare it, often loudly. In addition, the hat grants the following: once per day illusionists may cast two spells one level higher than normal while in possession of Barrshuble’s Hat, other types of spellcasters may cast three 1st level Illusionist spells once per day in addition to their own spellcasting abilities and even non-spellcasters may cast one 1st level Illusionist spell once per day of their their choice.

Usable by: Anyone, coveted by spellcasters.

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