[New Spell] Awaken Entombed

Awaken Entombed

Fellhorn and the elf ranger dug frantically at the base of the headstone. The druid then remebered a spell and cleared all of the dirt away from the coffin beneath. The elf mumbled under his breathe about this being handy after they had worked hard digging for an hour. The druid ignored the elf.

Nails strained and popped as lid of the casket was pried open. A soft glow came from inside the coffin as the elf and druid removed the lid and found the gnome illusionist calmly reading a tome of some sort.

‘I was just getting comfortable, too!’ snorted the gnome.

‘We can rebury you,’ the elf said with a wry smile.

Without ceremony the gnome popped up and crawled out of the coffin.

‘No, that is fine, let’s go get that necromancer!’ suggested the small illusionist.

Awaken Entombed (Arcane)

Level 6

Range: Touch.

Duration: One hour per level of caster or until freed or victim asphyxiates.

This hideous spell causes any who fail a Saving Throw versus spells or find themselves buried alive in the nearest tomb. There is a 15% chance that the subject will be able to move around, the tomb belonging to a larger creature, otherwise the target can only shout and knock trying to get help. If no oxygen is available and the subject needs to breathe he or she will asphyxiate in 1d4 hours. If freed there is a 25% chance of the target having an overwhelming fear of being buried alive again.

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