[New Magic Item] Korlak’s Jeering Shield

Korlak’s Jeering Shield

Without relenting the strange human fighters kept advancing on the trio of adventurers. Fellhorn the druid had been holding back on his spells although he was about to change strategies if they did not turn away soon.

A six fighter suddenly appeared bearing a strange shield with a face upon it. The face began laughing and mocking the trio. The gnome suddenly seemed to panic and he ran.

‘Typical,’ smirked the elf ranger as he watched the tiny spellcaster run off.

Fellhorn threw a spell at the fighters that caused three of the fighters to drop to the ground, enveloped in glowing green tendrils. The elf ranger fired off a shot from his bow that missed the leader yet wounded the fighter behind him. Then the elf seemed to break and he ran too.

Fellhorn shrugged and his next spell caused him to vanish into the forest. This fight wasn’t over and that shield would get fortune in town.

Apparently made for a Hero named Korlak, this magical shield can be very annoying and debilatating if you are standing on the wrong side of it. The somewhat innocent looking clay or porcelain face on the front of the shield has been the downfall of many an adversary of the shield’s owner.

Benefit: In addition to granting a +2 to AC this shield is held and combat starts the clay face on this shield begins jeering the enemy incessantly. This causes the Morale of anyone under 3HD or 3rd Level to to drop to 4, anyone failing a Morale Check will immediately flee the area. Those above 3HD/3rd Level have their Morale dropped to 7 and will also flee the area if a Morale Check is failed. Deaf characters or a Silence spell are immune to the annoying jeering from the shield.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a shield.

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