[New Magic Item] Shard of the Blue Sun

Shard of the Blue Sun

Deadflower the liche drifted into the clearing. A half smile involuntarily shown on her dead lips before returning to her usual somber look. She began a spell to disrupt the trio of adventurers.

‘Not today, liche!’ came a shout from behind her. Deadflower shifted suddenly to see who dared to interrupt her.

A tall woman stood. Half-elven. Long flowing blonde tresses seemed to stir gently in an unseen breeze.

‘And who are you to stop me?’ the liche inquired.

‘I am Locklu of Shobvo, creature,’ she stated proudly as she raised a strange triangular object in one hand, facing the liche with it.

A blue shaft of light struck Deadflower and she immediately fell to the ground and burst into flame. The hideous shriek that emanated from Deadflower scared off the liche’s prey as the undead thing crawled on the ground before the priestess, clawing at the earth.

Without hesitation Locklu brought a heavy mace down upon the head of the liche with her other hand until Deadflower was no more. The liche shriveled into ashes, leaving only a tarnished crown that rolled off into the grass.

This strange magic item is of unknown origin, but it is effective. Too effective. Handle with care, especially if you are bad.

Benefit: When held before undead or infernal creatures by a living being this jagged triangular, mirror-like shard of odd material will blaze with blue light and grant those who are not clerics or druids the ability to turn undead as if a 3rd level cleric. In addition, clerics or druids (the latter not normally able to turn undead/infernal creatures) may Turn as if a Cleric of two levels higher than themselves. Usable once per day although a Cleric may still use the ability without this magic item. Lawful and Neutral characters may wield this odd shard with no penalities, those who are Chaotic (evil) suffer 1d6 hit points of damage when wielding this magic item, yet still gain the same benefits.

Usable by: Anyone, more effective with Clerics and Druids.

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