[New Spell] Confusion of Coins

Confusion of Coins

The trio of adventurers sat at the base of the ancient stone obelisk and opened the earthen jug that they found buried at its base. Small silver daggers and old coins of various precious metals spilled onto the ground. The gnome illusionist mumbled a quick spell as his eyes bulged in surprise.

‘What are these?’ the elf ranger asked as he turned a gold coin over in his fingers.

‘Some minor bauble to be sure,’ replied the gnome.

Fellhorn the druid shrugged and picked out a couple of rings while the elf ranger did the same with the silver daggers. Meanwhile the gnome was stuffing coins into every pocket, sock, bag and satchel on his person.

‘Why do you bother with that?’ asked the elf.

‘Don’t want to blow away in a strong breeze,’ replied the gnome as he tried to sound convincing.

The elf and druid both shrugged, accepting the gnome’s reasoning.

Confusion of Coins (Illusionist)

Level 4

Range: 10′ radius +5’/level.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This causes all within the radius of the spell (except the caster) to completely forget the value of coins, whether it is based on their metal, size, origin or age. To all who fail a Save versus Spells all coins appear the same to them, there is absolutely no waay of discerning the value of one over another to the point that many affected by this spell doubt the value of coins at all. Until the spell wears off.

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