[New Magic Item] Magpie Ring

Magpie Ring

Navnen clutched for the amulet he always wore suddenly. It was gone. The thief began to panic until he saw the waif Anclerab with something in her hand. They made eye contact. The waif began to run.

Almost out of breath the big thief caught the little thief a block away.

‘And to think, I gave you that ring to help you out, there truly is no honor among thieves!’ Navnen lamented as the waif tried to look sheepish.

This ring with a stylized magpie’s head is considered a minor or least magic item, although the ring does have the ability to bring more powerful items to its owner.

Benefit: Usable at will, this magic ring allows the wearer to remove one small item off of anyone within 10′. The stolen item must be small, no bigger than something a real magpie can carry. A die must be rolled to ensure that the victim does not immediately notice the item is gone (unless of course it was in their hand or its loss is any any way obvious). Roll 1d6. On a result of 1-4 the victim does not immediately notice the theft (if a thief, 1 result of 1-5 ensures success). The pilfered item appears in the same hand that the ring is worn.

Usable by: Anyone.

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