[New Magic Item] Bottle for Me, Potion for You

Bottle for Me, Potion for You

The necromancer and his best henchman surprised the mercenary Bakra-do in the cellar of the ruined tower.

‘Enough of your meddling!’ shouted the necromancer.

As the henchman went through the mercenary’s things he found a strange bottle which he handed to the necromancer. The spellcaster studied the liquid through the bluish glass for a moment and then handed the bottle back to his henchman.

‘Drink this, it appears to be a Hasten potion. You can cut him to ribbons slowly and then I will raise him from the dead as a zombie to carry our things,’ the necromancer told his henchman.

With a grin the man took the bottle and drank from it as Bakra-do took one step towards him.

‘That’s funny, I don’t feel faster,’ the henchman said.

Moments later Bakra-do had a weapon in each hand and had killed the henchman in the blink of an eye.

Before he died the necrmancer looked puzzled.

‘Right potion assessment, but you did not consider the container,’ the mercenary said as the necromancer lost his own life.

This small blue tinted potion bottle has strange runes on its base and a stopper that is a stylized winking fox. Drinking freely from this bottle, be aware of who stands beside you.

Benefit: This enchanted potion bottle allows the one imbibing the fluid to drink the liquid within, yet it is the nearest person that faces the effects. The one who feels the effects must be a sentient being unless its is known by the imbiber the the potion is one of Healing, Haste or other beneficial magic. No harm may come to a creature of Animal Intelligence or lower with this magic item. Any attempt and the potion within does work on the one who drinks it.

Usable by: Anyone.

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