[New Magic Item] Spear of Every Guard

Spear of Every Guard

Chalk tossed the enchanted spear at Navnen.

‘Why me?’ asked the exasperated thief.

‘Because if things go wrong in this caper you know how to use the weapon,’ the wizard replied.

Valance grinned sheepishly at Navnen.

The thief jerked a thumb at Koram.

‘He knows how to use a spear, why not him?’

‘Because I have a Crystal Sword that deals more damage if it comes down to it,’ the fighter answered.

Navnen gripped the spear a moment with both hands and instantly was dressed like one of the common city watchmen.

‘This goes against everything in me,’ the thief said through gritted teeth.

‘You’ll live, besides you will be the hero if we get the sorceress out of the tower,’ Koram said.

‘True,’ Navnen said, more to himself trying to reconcile looking like a member of law and order. He hoped none of his pilfering associates would see him like this.

A well crafted spear that seems to change its shape from town to town. Perfect for blending in to a town or city that isn’t too small. Once the jig is up at least this magic item has a pointy end.

Benefit: When held in at least one hand this spear creates the illusion that its bearer is dressed as a typical town guard. Keep in mind that if ranks are shown that this will be of the lowest rank and that if the one in charge of hiring/drafting guards sees the person they do receive a Save versus Spells to recognize the illusion immediately. While there are obviously other ways that the spear’s bearer can give themselves away, if they act the part the illusion should work fine. In combat the spear os +1 to hit and deals 1d6+1 damage.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a spear (or just hold it convincingly).

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