[New Spell] Unruly Armor

Unruly Armor

As Knat the druidess slipped through the ruins she accidentally dislodged a few rocks and received immediate attention from a quartet of ogre bandits who immediately closed in on her.

She began mumbling a new spell she learned in the Elder Grove as one of the ogres began to laugh evilly.

Moments later the monstrous humanoids were clutching at their hide armor and mewling helplessly as they struggled against writhing hide armor that bound and constricted.

‘Now ask yourself boys,’ the druidess said to the ogres as she went though their backpacks. ‘Did I “accidentally” dislodge those rocks and get your attention? Or did I kick those rocks over to get you to huddle in close?’

Unruly Armor (Druid)

Level 5

Range: 35′ radius.

Duration: One round per level of caster.

When cast this strange druid spell causes all within range who are wearing hide armor to make a Save verus Spells or suddenly find themselves fighting their own armor. Those affected feel their hide armor entangling, constricting and binding them for one round per level of the casting druid. During this time any attacks upon another are -2 to Hit and Damage. After the spell elapses the armor returns to normal, yet creatures of Low intelligence that were affected or viewed this hideous occurrence tend to avoid armor made of hide/skins in the future. Note that only hide armor is affected that cured leather has a 25% chance of also being affected in the same way and other types of armor with leather binding have a 15% chance for the bindings to come loose and the armor to fall off.

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