[New Magic Item] Copper Giant Eye

Copper Giant Eye

The elf ranger held the heavy and huge copper eye up to his forehead.

‘Rocks, a few bones, a few more bones…wait, a skull!’ he replied.

‘What kind of skull?’ the gnome illusionist asked.

‘Probably human,’ the elf replied.

The group slowly crept up the creepy hillock with the odd rune engraved stones on it.

‘It is a graveyard!’ the elf exclaimed. ‘Something is lurking below us, in a tunnel!’

A cold, undead hand punctured the earth and gripped the gnome’s ankle. The small illusionist squeaked in terror as the elf jumped out of the way. Fellhorn the druid tapped the thing’s hand with his staff and it let go, a muffled scream heard from below.

‘I say we go around this mound,’ Fellhorn suggested.

The other two nodded in agreement, eager to deny the barrow wights of prey.

A curious magic item that appears to be the stylized eye of a giant made of copper. It is said that dwarves will kill for this magic item, they are so desperate to possess it. It is also rumored that a hill giant of unusual intelligence and wisdom eternally hunts for this eye, which will fit nicely in the empty socket where his left eye was.

Benefit: This strange magic item allows its bearer to stare into the earth and see up to 15′ deep, making the actual dirt transparent and exposing any pockets of air, gems or minerals or deposits of precious metal, twice per day for ten minutes each time. Impractical for large scale mining, this magic item is very handy for navigating the Elemental Plane of Earth as twice per day it allows the bearer and up to four others to ‘leap’ to the nearest pocket of air. Note that this may or may not be already occupied.

Usable by: Anyone.

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