[New Magic Item] Horn of Whispers

Horn of Whispers

‘This way,’ suggested Fellhorn the druid.

‘Why do you say that?’ the elf ranger asked.

‘I hear it in the wind,’ replied the druid.

The elf ranger and gnome illusionist exchanged glances.

‘You mean that mournful horn sounding in the breeze?’ the elf asked.

‘I hear a gently voice calling me towards the copse over there,’ the druid said.

‘A murderous hag used to live there for years,’ the gnome said.

‘Right,’ the elf told the others. ‘We are definitely NOT going that way.’

It is said that a great queen organized many successful battles with this horn. Where some thought she was encouraging troops she was really sending them secret messages.

Benefit: Usable three times per day, this golden colored ram’s horn will send a short message (20 words or less) to a named recipient within three miles of the sounding of the horn. All others hear a strange cacophony while the intended hears a clear message. The named ‘listener’ can be an individual, a group, a species, etc) but ‘everyone’ is not a choice. Anyone who knows what this horn is has a 4% chance of deciphering the message among the cacophony.

Usable by: Anyone.

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