[New Monster] Genius Loci

Genius Loci

The mercenary Bakra-do lowered himself by hemp rope down into the depths of the tower. Squinting, he could see a faint light, like a torch, in the distance. Finding his footing, the mercenary drew a short sword and advanced cautiously towards the light.

In the light of a small oil lamp Bakra-do beheld the sight of a strange youthful male sitting at a table in the depths of this ancient tower, a strange golden cornucopia on the table next to the lamp.

‘Approach,’ the mysterious being said cryptically.

Slowly Bakra-do stepped forward.

‘What do you seek in this forlorn place?’ the youth asked the mercenary.

‘I am on a mission for a strange wizard to find the Bell of Insolence,’ Bakra-do replied.

‘That is no problem. Yet it will cost you. Tell me of the outside world, the land beyond my borders. For an afternoon of company I will tell you exactly where to find the Bell of Insolence,’ said the genius loci.

Bakra-do sheathed his short sword as the creature offered the mercenary a chair.

Genius Loci: AC 0 [+19], HD 10 (45hp), Att 1× punch (1d8) or by weapon, THAC0 9 [+10], MV 120′ (40′), SV D7 W 8 P 8 B 9 S 10 (10), ML 12, AL Neutral (see below), XP 2750, NA 1, TT B ▶ Mundane Damage Immunity– can only be hit by magical weapons, Undead: Make no noise, until they attack. Immune to effects that affect living creatures (e.g. poison). Immune to mind-affecting or mind-reading spells (e.g. charm, hold, sleep). Energy Immunity: Take half damage from fire- and cold- based attacks, Lore: knows information about area in a twenty mile radius with 95% accuracy, Limited Wishes: The Genius Loci can grant one wish affecting the immediate area per day. A wish that harms the entity or makes its existence uncomfortable will cause the Genius Loci to attack. See Wishes under Treasure in OSE Core rules under Treasure.

The Genius Loci is an entity that has been in the area for so long that it is now part of the landscape. These creatures are undead, yet tangible and may seem vibrant and young or wizened and ancient. Whether they began as Lawful or Chaotic over untold ages these creatures now entertain an almost overwhelming malaise and often put aside their tendencies towards good or evil just to have the company of a group of adventurers, who they will often eagerly help to relieve their monumental boredom. They have great knowledge of all that has transpired in their domain, a tweny mile radius and will not leave this area under any circumstances.

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