[New Spell] Beguiling Book

Beguiling Book

Ornak the Mage sat in the middle of the tavern at a table. He opened a small book and began to read from it. The light seemed to glow strangely in a wide circle around the wizard, and three scruffy looking patrons hastily shifted out of the soft glow. Within minutes all around the wizard had nodded off, fast asleep, even the innkeeper who had gone to argue with another customer. Ornak got up and three a couple of pieces of wood onto the fire, causing the flames to dance and light up the room.

‘And this is how we fund our trip to Nalaj. One of you, keep an eye out while the other two help me relieve these good people of their coins,’ Ornak said.

Hastily the thieves set to work, gathering coins and jewelry and anything else of value while their companion watched the door.

Beguiling Book (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 35′ radius.

Duration: 2d8 turns.

This spell enchants a book so that anyone who can read that book aloud (note: not just the book’s enchanter) creates a softly lit (as if lit by several flickering candles) zone that will soothe any creature(s) of Low Intelligence or higher that is/are read to from this book and put up to 36HD of creatures in this zone to Sleep as per the spell with the same parameters for being slain or awoken. Each enchanted book may be used three times in this manner before it is rendered inert. If the reader stops reading aloud for more than one minute the enchantment for that use is gone.

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